Our story

Bagus Place has very humble beginnings and it all started with a man from Paris called Eric who came with a vision of setting up a hotel, first in Indonesia, then in Malaysia.

At the end of a long search, having almost given up, he returned to Tioman for a break. While there, he made friends with a group of adventurous project builders who were creating a small trekking centre.  Amongst them were  Raof and Yono and it was the latter who had a longer association with Bagus Place from its inception.

During his stay Eric discovered a beautiful deserted beach on the south west of Tioman Island. This was the place! White sand, turquoise waters, magnificent rocks, lush jungle with dramatic mountains as a backdrop: simply the most enchanting spot on Tioman. Bagus! said the boatman, looking at the beach. Bagus means beautiful and good. The choice of name was obvious: Bagus Place.

After an initial phase of development, Eric and Yono  felt the need to introduce new ideas and direction. Eric developed a website to share the magic of Tioman with the rest of the world and also to seek the involvement of like minded entrepreneurs. Ajay, who is from England but living in Singapore at that time responded to Eric and Yono’s invitation.  Sharing a common vision in protecting the natural beauty of Bagus Place and providing simple yet luxurious accommodation, the team got to work.

After two years of designing and construction time, Bagus Place received the first paying guest in June 2004.

Ajay and his wife Claire spent two years managing Bagus Place and living the dream. In 2006, they returned to England leaving the management and care of Bagus Place in the capable hands of Yono and his multinational team.

In 2007, the fourth chalet, Boat House was completed-an ambitious and creative project, bringing inspired architecture to Tioman Island. In 2008, Tioman Island’s first Tree House was built.

In 2009, the fifth year of operations, a new jetty and  a peaceful pagoda for total relaxation was built.

In response to demand from couples looking for peace and seclusion, the sixth chalet, Flying Fox was built in 2010. Flying Fox is named after the bat with fox-like features which frequents Tioman Island –see if you can spot one flying past your chalet!

In 2012 Rumah Laut, which is house by the sea in Malay became available for rent. Ideal for honeymooners, this chalet offers total seclusion, breath taking views with both indoor – outdoor amenities.

In March 2013, an ownership change took place. The new owners subscribe strongly to the thinking of the founders and share the same ideas about respect for the environment and sharing Bagus Place with guests. Driven by enhancing service levels with a strong mission to ensure our guests have a pleasant stay at Bagus Place.

 Aien, a co-owner of Bagus Place , manages Bagus Place with her team. Aien is a keen diver and an outdoor person; known to be off trekking on her off days! Her warm and pleasant disposition and caring nature  ensures  a wonderful holiday at Bagus Place.