The team

Our pride at Bagus Place is our team. Our philosophy is simple, take care of our guests with the best of Malaysian hospitality and we hope the pleasant experience will enable our guests to take back fond and cherished memories.

Aien leads the team and she exudes with warmth and cares about people. Her keen interest in outdoor activities and her fondness for the sea and environment, truly qualifies her to lead the team at Bagus Place.  A keen diver and trekker, she has lots to share with our guests.  She is also very patient with children and is often seen leading children in activities around Bagus Place.

Aien is ably assisted by Rosie a very bubbly person and her love for the outdoors enables her to support all our guests’ activities. Tertiary qualified in hospitality and with a passion for fun-it is easy to understand why she gets on very well with our guests and staff.

Vivien has chosen to work with guests and be at Bagus Place. A holder of a Masters Degree in Environmental Management, it is understandable why she has chosen to be at Bagus Place as opposed to being behind a desk in some ivory tower.

Azie oversees the Sales and Marketing which includes managing the online bookings. She is the front line and is based at our office in Kuala Lumpur. She will advise guest on local conditions and any queries that you may have in planning your trip. Please email her at

Faisal manages the cafeteria and has gone through hospitality school and comes with sound experience in the hospitality trade. He has been working on new menus and in the off season, he is committed to experimenting with new dishes. By virtue of his training, he is very focused about kitchen safety and hygiene.

The rest of the support staff in housekeeping, bar-tenders, maintenance crew, cafeteria support staff and our boatmen have been with Bagus Place for some time now. Our team warmly welcome you and are enthusiastic about serving all of you at Bagus Place. See you there!