At Bagus Place, guests can enjoy a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities. A luscious marine environment allows for water activities such as snorkelling while crystal clear water makes excellent for paddling and swimming. Our jetty is also ideal for diving. Bagus Place offers you total relaxation with nature as your playground. Be among our guests who enjoy spending their days under the sun and in the sea with an endless amount of activities. Our top picks are:

Tioman Island Diving & Snorkelling

Tioman Island has some of the best snorkelling experiences in the world. Our waters are teeming with marine life and is suitable for diving and snorkelling activities. Go snorkelling just off our jetty and you’ll be treated with wonderful sights of corals, colourful fishes, if you’re lucky enough to spot turtles, moral eels and many more!

Want to learn new skills of diving in the sea? If this will be your first time and you are new to diving, try Discover Scuba Experience, it is the perfect thing for you. Guided by experienced PADI Dive Instructor, you will be taught all the basics you need to dive and discover the beautiful underwater world of Tioman for yourself. If you want to advance further with your diving, please email us for more information. With seasoned professional PADI Instructors, we make sure your diving experience will be maximised and can be tailored to suit you. For diving enthusiasts, please email us for more information.

The closest dive site, Pulau Jahat, is only a 10 minute boat ride from the resort. There you can see a dramatic series of underwater pinnacles and coral bommies. Pulau Jahat has everything from giant rocks with swim throughs, hard and soft corals and array of fish – whether it be a small clown fish, or a group of giant bump head parrot fish.

Trek to the Waterfalls & Visit the local fishing village of Kampung Mukut

Take a nice trek to the splendid Asah Waterfalls. A 2 hour walk along the coastline through an idyllic fishing village of Kampung Mukut will let you meet the local villagers where they may just invite you to taste some local fruits or wild honey from the bees. Mukut will give you a look into local life in the Tioman villages. If traditional Malay life is what you are after, Mukut is very much worth a visit.

If you want to do a little fishing yourself just let us know and we will arrange a trip for you.


Some of our guests prefer to stay above water, if that is what suits you best do not fret! If a small snorkel is not your thing, hop into one of our kayaks to explore the magical hidden coves and beaches of the Tioman coastline.

Building Sandcastles

Kids will also love to explore the rocks and rock pools, and observe the crabs and fish. Nets, buckets and spades are available (please bring plastic shoes).

Aromatherapy Massage

Relax and unwind with Bagus Place’s very own aromatherapy massage. After a long day of being out in the water and trekking through the outdoors many of our guests enjoy having some downtime with our very own masseuse. Book a massage and enjoy the indulgence. Our aromatherapy massages are specially designed to help you relax and be one with the environment through traditional therapeutic rubs and oils.

Another Day In Paradise

Nature-walk, birding, wildlife spotting

Bagus Place is proud of Tioman Island’s nature and wildlife. Guests are able to see a variety of rainforest wildlife within the resort vicinity such as birds, monkeys, squirrels, bats and sea-eagles. You can even view the beautiful corals,  a variety of coral fishes and some resident turtles while snorkelling at our jetty. Strolling along the jetty boardwalk allows you to spot marine wildlife such as baby sharks, turtles, blue-spotted sting-ray, and colourful coral fishes like parrot fish, batfish, clown fish and many others.  Known for our appreciation of the natural environment and its wildlife, Bagus Place will provide you with Tioman’s finest. But don’t worry– our wildlife will not follow you to your chalets!

Jungle Trekking & Rock Climbing

Trek to the Saddle Point of the Dragon Horns

This is a 3 hours jungle trek to the middle point of the Dragon Horns peak. An interesting route (could be challenging for some) where you’ll pass several huge boulders, rest at cave-like rocks, encounter some endemic species found only in Tioman. Along the way you’ll enjoy some jungle stories from your local guide, and after some steep climb, the next minute you know you are sitting on top of the world witnessing the breath-taking view of the coastline of South Tioman.

Rock-climbing to the Dragon Horns

If you are looking for something adventurous, rock climbing is a fantastic option. Every rock climbers’ delight awaits you at the Southern end of Tioman. Home to the Dragons Horns, only a few have managed to scale the two rock slabs erupting from below the tropical rainforest reaching for the sky. At a height of 695m it is a true challenge and has been compared to the mountain climbing at Half Dome & Yosemite National Park. Guided by very experienced local climber, Pak Tam, he has led many international expeditions up the Dragon Horns. We advise you to bring your rock climbing gear in anticipation of this trip as rock climbing gear is not provided by the resort. Please email us for more information.

Island-hopping Trips

We offer a full day and half day snorkelling trips to Coral Island and Ringgis Island.

Go on a snorkelling trip to see more of the marine park areas, with a stopover at a secluded white fine sandy beach for a picnic.


Discover the Scenic Geological Landscape & Magical Underwater World of Tioman Island

Sight-Seeing of Tioman Island’s Unique Geological History, RockTypes and Landscape


Nenek Semukut Hill (Twin Peaks). Affectionately known as the Dragon Horns by rock-climbers

View from Bagus Place


Half day Jungle trek up to the mid point (the Saddle), have a lunch break at the rock ledge and enjoy the cool air and amazing view!

View from South West


Nenek Semukut Hill (Twin Peaks)

The Sleeping Dragon of Tioman


The boat trips are not to be missed as you get to view the majestic beautiful landscape of Tioman Island from the sea, central to south western parts.

This is Bagus Place Retreat….this is another day in paradise.

We look forward to meeting you!

Please be informed you that our Resort is closed for 2021 due to extensive maintenance works and rescheduled to reopen by March 2022.