Tioman Island is home to a fantastic variety of flora and fauna. New species are still being discovered. Lots of these species can be found at Bagus Place where we are fortunate to have jungle, freshwater and sea habitats.   A typical day’s nature-watching might go something like this:

Early morning

Awake to the sound of monkeys outside your chalet, quite probably chattering to each other.  Maybe eating fruit and throwing the seeds on your chalet roof!  The birds are chirping and the jungle is waking up to a new day.

Mid morning

Down at the river the monitor lizards are searching for their next meal. These prehistoric creatures are as much at home in the water as on the land, but will run away from you not towards you!

Early afternoon

Swallows fly to and fro, collecting bits and pieces for their nest, dipping into the river for a cooling drink from time to time. A solitary eagle soars on the hot thermal currents above Bagus Place.

Butterflies chase each other, alighting briefly on flowers. Some are white, some brown, orange or brilliant blue. Red dragonflies compete for your attention.

Late afternoon

Taking a walk along the beach you are aware of sea shells moving across the sand with a life of their own. These are the hermit crabs, carrying their homes on their backs.  The monkeys are back again, balancing on the electric wires like tightrope walkers.  The jungle orchestra is tuning up.


The bats are out!  Snacking on insects as they flutter and swoop between the trees. As you watch the sun set from the jetty, beige-coloured baby sharks and blue and orange stingrays play beneath you in the shallow waters.


Otters patter across the beach. Mouse deer forage in the undergrowth. You fall asleep to the lullaby of the waves and the hum of the tropical insects.

Please be informed you that our Resort is closed for 2021 due to extensive maintenance works and rescheduled to reopen by March 2022.