Bagus Place stems from humble beginnings. One of our Parisian founders, Eric, discovered a beautiful deserted beach on the south west of Tioman Island. Before his eyes was white sand, turqoise waters, magnificent rocks and lush jungle with dramatic mountains as a backdrop. He knew he had found a little slice of paradise.

Suddenly a voice called out, “Bagus! Bagus!” Eric looked around and identified the voice to be that of his boatman who was driving him while looking at the beach. “What does Bagus mean?” Eric called back.

“Bagus Place is defined as beautiful and good,” said the boatman.

Natures fairy god mothers sang and Bagus Place Retreat was born that very moment. From that day forward, our goal was to protect the natural beauty of Tioman Island, all the while providing simple yet luxurious accomodation.

Doors opened to guests in 2004, the oncoming years saw additional chalets being added to provide guests with the best experience nature can provide. Beauty and seclusion is our hallmark of the Bagus Place Retreat experience. Total respect for the environment and a desire to share this paradise with the world.

We welcome you to Bagus Place Retreat, where you can escape the worries of the modern world in a friendly rertreat that allows you to enjoy nature in its rawest form. Our guests will also be spoilt with top notch service from our excellent team!

This is Bagus Place Retreat…

another day in paradise!

Please be informed you that our Resort is closed for 2021 due to extensive maintenance works and rescheduled to reopen by March 2022.