Tioman Island is a magical  place where you can truly enjoy nature and explore your relationship with the environment. Here at Bagus Place we’re aware of our responsibility to keep Tioman flourishing.

From its initial conception, Bagus Place has developedwith the local community and environment in mind.  See Our Story to learn more about our vision.

We have used local suppliers and contractors in the development of Bagus Place.  We employ people who live in the nearby village of Mukut to help us run Bagus Place.  Our food and other supplies are locally produced wherever possible, providing benefit to the local economy.  We take an active role in shaping the way Tioman is developing.

All of the buildings at Bagus Place were architecturally designed to blend in with the existing landscape, flora and fauna. They were built using second-hand wood and have little or no negative impact upon the environment.  No old trees were felled during the build. We have used appropriate technology to power Bagus Place and dispose of whatever waste we cannot recycle.

The whole of Tioman Island is under marine park conservation. During your stay at Bagus Place we suggest that you take steps to minimise damage to the environment, wildlife and marine life and will be happy to show you how. We believe in your right to experience new places and people, but your shouldn’t damage the environment in any way.


Those of you who join us at Bagus Place who have flown long distances will be aware of the negative impact of air travel on the global environment.  The Carbon Neutral Company website (http://www.carbonneutralcalculator.com/flightcalculator.aspx) offers you the opportunity to calculate the CO2 produced by your journey, and take steps to make your journey Carbon Neutral.

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Please be informed you that our Resort is closed for 2021 due to extensive maintenance works and rescheduled to reopen by March 2022.