Every guest has a story to tell-which is what we love about having guests from all around the world. Our guestbook is host to so many stories, lovely drawings and illustrations of how guests have enjoyed their stay at Bagus Place, here are some quotes from the book:
Stunning scenery – the majestic mountain and unspoilt beach, the beautiful clear warm water and the white soft sands – have I found paradise?
Ali, UK
The sand is the most icing-sugarish I’ve ever seen, and the beach had the added bonus of having nobody but me on it. As for the hotel itself, it seems so improbable to find somewhere this comfy and chic in the absolute middle of nowhere.
Freya Williams, New York.
What a magnificent job you have done.  You have found beautiful surroundings and built a charming retreat for those of us seeking peace and rest.  I shall recommend that my friends and family visit you a.s.a.p!
Brian, UK
For us, the best thing about the place is the atmosphere: the long private beach; the sound of the sea (which really does sound better on this side of the island); and best of all, the very friendly, hospitable and genuine staff who want you to enjoy your holiday.
Mahesh, Singapore
The holiday was far better than I had thought possible. There were 12 of us in all, and we are all different people as a result of spending time at the resort. This was in part due to the environment, in part because of the way the retreat has been developed, and in part due to the wonderful team of people who looked after us.
Bridget, UK
Congratulations guys! An amazing place for inspiring experiences is what you’ve managed to create – “Bravooo”!!
Pascal, Hong Kong
We’re so impressed by the way you have used the natural features of the bay and have carefully knitted the resort into it…it really does add such a lot to the quality of the stay and retains such natural beauty…well done!
Alex and Peter, New Zealand
Thank you for a splendidly relaxing stay at what must be one of the loveliest locations on the island.
Peter, Singapore
 It truly is a haven and I am sure I am not the first (or last) to feel incredibly lucky to visit you here.  I will always remember the stunning peaceful beach, dramatic backdrop of mountains and jungle, the log-fun of the waterfall, and tonight we encountered two flying foxes!
Rachael, Australia
On the sixth day of our stay, we went on a walk to the end of the beach, near  the rocky jetty. In the lee of the mountain peeks, with the sun reflecting off  the crystal clear water, I asked Louisa to marry me. She said yes! We’re getting  married in September 2005.
Nick, UK

Please be informed you that our Resort is closed for 2021 due to extensive maintenance works and rescheduled to reopen by March 2022.